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    Coaches on team sheets

    In preparation for the 2019 Community Football Season we would like to provide you with an important update regarding the forced selection of a coach to a team sheet. 
    There have been some important changes to team sheets for you to be aware of:

    1. Registration as a Coach is now through CoachAFL
    Coaches are required to renew their coaching accreditation annually through CoachAFL.

    • Part of this process requires a coach to select their coaching role and the club/s they are coaching at in 2019. This confirms their registration to their club as a coach.
    • Coaches are required to complete their renewal as per THIS GUIDE

    2. A Team Sheet Will Not Be Saved Until a Coach is Selected
    In 2019, clubs will need to select a head coach from a drop-down list in the team sheet in order to save, submit and print.

    • This requires that all clubs have a Head Coach listed on a team sheet
    • The drop-down list available for clubs to select a coach from will be formed from a list of accredited coaches registered to the club through CoachAFL
    • If clubs are selecting Assistant Coaches they will also need to be registered and accredited through CoachAFL.
    • At the beginning of the season, a ‘No Official’ option will be made available in the dropdown list so that clubs are able to save and submit a team sheet if a coach is not available to be selected on the dropdown list. This grace period will allow Coaches time to register and accredit through CoachAFL, however the ‘No Official’ option will be removed nationally after a pre-determined time that will be communicated in the coming weeks.
    • If clubs try to submit a team sheet without a coach listed, an error message will appear prompting them to select a coach or the ‘No Official’ option in the dropdown
    • For more information on how to select a Coach to a teamsheet please CLICK HERE

    This marks the first year that there will be complete reporting and monitoring of accredited coaches on matchday. It is therefore essential that coaches have joined CoachAFL in 2019 and have selected their club in their Coaching Profile.

    As a fall-back, if clubs do not have their coach/s accredited by match day they will be able to select the ‘no official’ option in order to save and submit their team sheet. This can then be reported on and will be followed up by State, Region and/or League staff.

    Clubs are able to access a report on coaches that are registered for 2019 as per THIS GUIDE.

    How can clubs monitor completed accreditations?

    How can clubs ensure that their coaches have completed the CoachAFL Accreditation Membership correctly, ready to go onto a team sheet?

    Clubs can check to see which coaches are registered to their club on SportsTG. At the club level go to the “Members” tab and choose “List Coach Accreditations”. This will provide you a list of all of the coaches from CoachAFL who have selected your club during registration.

    It’s important to check that all of your required coaches have one of the following statuses in the “Accreditation” column to ensure they have completed all requirements correctly.

    • Foundation Coach – Junior
    • Foundation Coach – Youth
    • Foundation Coach – Senior
    • Foundation Coach – Respectful Relationships
    • Level 2 Coach
    • Level 3 Coach

    If a coach is listed but does not one of the above accreditation statuses listed

    • They have not completed all CoachAFL requirements and will need to log back in to complete the specific module(s). Coaches can contact https://coach.afl/contact if they are unsure of what they haven’t completed or have any further questions

    If a coach is not displayed on the list

    • They have not signed up to CoachAFL this year, or
    • They have not chosen your club when completing the Coaching Profile page. This is done at the very bottom of the page in the “Coaching Role” section. If this has not been completed or completed incorrectly, coaches can update this by logging back into CoachAFL, clicking on their name in the top right hand corner and clicking on “Profile”. Once changes have been made they need to ensure they click on “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.

    Allow 24 hours for coach.afl information to roll over onto SportsTG, remembering that information entered after 8pm will take a further day to upload onto SportsTG.

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