This DonateLife Week (Sunday 30 July – Sunday 6 August 2017) we’re inviting all Australians to make their decision count by joining the Australian Organ Donor Register at donatelife.gov.au

    Led by the Organ and Tissue Authority, DonateLife Week is a key part of the Australian Government’s national reform program to increase organ and tissue donation and transplantation outcomes.

    Each year, events are held across Australia during DonateLife Week to encourage all Australians to register their donation decision and to discuss their donation decisions with their loved ones.

    Did you know only one in three Australians have joined the Australian Organ Donor Register, even though 81% believe registration of donation decisions is important*?

    And registration is important – nine in ten families agree to donation proceeding when the deceased is a registered organ donor. This drops to just 52% where the deceased was not registered and the family had no prior knowledge.

    More than 1,400 Australians are today waiting for a life-saving or life-transforming transplant. If you are willing to one day save lives by becoming an organ and tissue donor, you need to register and discuss  your decision with your family and friends.

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