New Coach Accreditation and Registration Procedure


    As you may be aware, the AFL have created a new coach accreditation scheme through the CoachAFL membership. The AFL has recently contacted all coaches on the national coaching database via email regarding the changes.

    The key changes include:

    • Level 1 coaching courses have been replaced with a new minimum accreditation course called the “Foundation Coaching Course”. This is a 60-90minute online course built in to the annual membership. The course can be accessed during the CoachAFL Membership registration process.
    • As of 2018, all coaches of all grades must obtain a minimum level accreditation (now Foundation, formally Level 1) prior to the start of the 2018 season. Please see below the amended SA Community Football Coach Accreditation Regulation for 2018.
    • Annual CoachAFL Membership
      • Greater support and resources available to coaches than ever before – drills & skills, videos, articles, workshops etc
      • 4 year Coach Accreditations are now replaced by annual CoachAFL memberships


    Action for all clubs:

    • Ensure all coaches of all grades have joined the CoachAFL membership prior to the start of the 2018 season. Membership = Accreditation, any coach who is not a CoachAFL Member is not an accredited coach.
    • Ensure all coaches are registered to their team on SportsTG

    Regulation 29 – Coach Accreditation

    All coaches of Affiliated League Clubs are required to obtain Foundation Coaching Membership prior to coaching at any level.

    If a coach continues to coach without having obtained the necessary accreditation, a team which is coached by the unaccredited coach will lose all match points for matches won by the team whilst the unaccredited coach continues to coach.  In the event of no match points being received by that team, the Affiliated League in which the team plays may impose an appropriate penalty.

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