Rangers win by 121 points

    Marble Range 22-15 (147) def Boston 3-3 (21)

    RANGERS displayed a dominant performance to end the minor round with a win against Boston on Saturday.

    Third placed Marble Range were firm favourites in Saturday’s clash at Wangary Oval.

    Rangers boasted a dynamic forward line accompanied by a classy, hard running midfield, while the struggling Boston pride themselves on creating run through their backline and decision making through their efficient foot skills.

    The match began with great intensity and speed from both teams, with the ball rebounding at great pace back and forth between each team’s forward halves.

    Clean possession was hard to come by during early minutes as great defensive pressure was presented by both teams.

    Rangers began to take control of the game through kicking efficiency and ball control, resulting in Todd Owen setting up Jacob Watson for the first goal of the day.

    Rangers continued to dominate forward line entries but were not able to convert their shots on goal.

    Boston hit back by controlling their ball movement and hitting targets with efficiency.

    Star player S. Singh was becoming an influence but Rangers’ forward line pressure was elite, resulting in Keeley, Burwell and Watson converting majors to take Rangers’ lead to 32 points at the first break.

    Rangers started the second quarter with fast and efficient ball movement, delivering to the forwards with excellent skills.

    Rangers Midfielder Ty George kicked the first of the term snapping through congestion.

    Under immense forward line pressure, Boston’s swingman S. Singh and J. Nicholls were excellent in defence taking various intercept marks and using the ball well.

    This rebounding defence resulted in J. Gooder kicking two straight to get Boston on the board.

    Rangers’ Lance Appleby was becoming influential, collecting possessions around the ground.

    Rangers were back on the front foot, dominating the forward line entries, resulting in forwards Keeley, George and Nankivell kicking four consecutive goals to end the quarter.

    Rangers were leading by 43 at the main break.

    Ranger ball use throughout the third quarter was elite, rarely missing a target giving the forwards a substantial advantage over their defenders.

    Ty George was making his mark kicking two straight goals to further Rangers’ lead.

    Boston’s T. Binder and A. Dunn were excellent in defence amidst Rangers’ continual forward line entries.

    Rangers Wade Hansen and Cody Pilgrim continued to set up forward through clean skills.

    George continued his excellence up forward kicking to more goals to end the third quarter.

    Although Boston displayed some skillful plays running out of defence, Rangers’ continuous forward line entries and forward line pressure was overwhelming for the Boston defence.

    Rangers finished the fourth quarter kicking eight consecutive goals through George, Keeley, Appleby and Watson.

    Rangers came out victors by 121 points.

    The team’s performance was highlighted by their kicking efficiency and forward line entries.

    Best players for Rangers were T. George with a stellar midfield/forward performance kicking seven goals, L. Appleby and W. Hansen.

    Best for Boston were S. Singh playing with elite class and skills through defence and the midfield, J. Nicholls and T. Polkinghorne.

    Wayback 15-12 (102) def Mallee Park 10-12 (72)

    In the last game of the minor round Wayback handed Mallee Park their first loss of the year, with the Demons grabbing victory by 30 points.

    Tasman 12-12 (84) Lincoln South 8-9 (57)




    (article originally appeared on www.portlincolntimes.com.au)

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