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    SA Community Football Transfer and Registration Form

    Updated January 2019

    This form must be completed by the player transfering and held by the club the player is transferring to. This form must be available to a League Official upon request.




    Junior Player Permit Assessment Form

    Updated March 2018

    Team Sheet

    For use when access to Sports TG is not possible.

    SA Community Football Club Application for Increased APPS Allocation

    To be lodged to the League.

    SA Community Football Player Transfer Withdrawal Form

    This form needs to be submitted to the League whenever a player withdraws their transfer request.

    Appendix 4 – Approved Player Points System (APPS) 2019

    SA Community Football Temporary Permit Form

    Regulation 31 – Total Player Payments

    Updated February 2020

    2020 SANFL Player Payments Spreadsheet
    JLT Match Day Checklist

    This should be completed when the digital version via the app cannot be.

    Parental Consent for Playing Up
    PLFL Women’s Adjusted Format Rules

    February 2020

    SANFL Community Football Player Contract

    February 2020