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    From November 1st, 2019 SANFL will introduce a Player Registration Fee for all registered Club Participants in Football in SA.

    The fee will be charged at the time of registration on the SportsTG Membership platform and will be compulsory for all players across SA to become registered for the upcoming season.

    The fee will be charged in two categories – Senior Football Player (18 and above) and Junior Football Player
    (below 18) based on the players age at Jan 1 in the year of competition.

    Senior Player Registration Fee – $15

    Junior Player Registration Fee – $10

    Through consultation with Community Football Leagues SANFL have agreed to freeze these fees for 2 years. At the end of the 2021 season a review of the Player Registration Fee will be conducted, with feedback from key stakeholders across Community Football tabled for consideration.

    Why introduce a fee to players?
    Players are a key stakeholder in the game and the future growth and sustainability of Football in
    South Australia is a team effort.

    Currently SANFL invests $3M per year into Grassroots Football through staff and programs that support the growth and sustainability of Football across the State. Programs such as Auskick, School Football and clinics, Mulitcultural Academies, Inclusive Programs, Coach Education, Club Development Programs and Facility Grants are just a handful of the programs and initiatives that benefit over 220,000 participants each year.

    By paying a Player Registration Fee, players are supporting these programs and the future sustainability of football in SA.

    Affiliation Fees and Background
    The introduction of the Player Registration Fee will result in the removal of existing League Affiliation fees. Currently SANFL charge $250 per senior team and $50 per junior team in affiliation fees to Leagues across SA.

    The removal of the existing affiliation fee model equates to a saving of $125,000 for Regional Affiliated Leagues in South Australia.

    Under the new Player Registration Fee model SANFL will increase their investment into Regional Football with an additional $35k to be injected into seven Administration Regions across the state for additional staffing and projects. This additional investment will directly benefit League and Clubs.

    By Comparison*….
    Football is the number 1 Club participation sport in the state and has long being the most affordable sport to play in SA. With the introduction of the Player Registration Fee Football will continue to be the most affordable club sport in SA and South Australia will continue to be the cheapest State in the country for Australian Rules Football.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this another fee that Club’s and Leagues need to pay on top of existing affiliation fees?
    The player registration fee will see the removal of League affiliation fees saving Leagues across SA $125k. At the same time funds raised from the player registration fee will see a direct investment of $35k into 7 administration regions either through Regional Hubs or agreed projects. On average regions should see a $50k benefit through the implementation of this model in additional investment and savings.

    How was the fee amount determined?
    Through consultation with Leagues and players an amount was workshopped that would enable SANFL to make a significant additional investment into Football while maintaining affordability.

    Is this fee only for select Leagues?
    This is a state-wide fee with no exemption, everyone who plays Football in SA is contributing to the resourcing and future sustainability of Football in SA. The fee structure applies to every player regardless of their competition structure or the length of season. From SANFL League to U8’s we are all part of the same team!

    What happens if a player has a permit or transfers?
    A player will only be charged when they register for the new season. Any matches played on permit or after a transfer will not attact a fee.

    Will coaches and officials be charged a fee?
    No. The fee only applies to players.

    How will SANFL collect payments from players?
    Payments will be collected at the time of registration via the SportsTG online membership portal. A compulsory fee of $15 for a senior player or $10 for a junior player will need to be paid before the registration is completed and activated.

    Registrations open soon, will the system be ready to take registrations?
    SANFL acknowledge that change of this nature can be difficult to manage and that the timing of this change has made communication challenging for our volunteers and players. With that said we understand that as few as 600 of the 30,000 Regional Football participants in SA register in the first month meaning there is still suitable time for many clubs and players to adjust. Community Football have already made the required changes to the SportsTG membership portal and staff will be available to meet with clubs to assist with any difficulties between November 1 and competitions commencing.

    Football has always been affordable will this change?
    Football is and will continue to be the most affordable sport in SA under this model and compares favourably with other sports who have already adopted a player affiliation model. Football in SA is also comparatively cheaper than in any other state across Australia.

    Will there be financial transparency?
    Through consultation with the Regional Football Advisory Committee and Regional League Presidents SANFL have committed to financial transparency with regard to the funds generated and invested from the implementation of a player registration fee. Each July at the Country Championships forum SANFL are committed to detailing the financials of the registration fee and how it has been invested back into Community Football.

    Is there anyone available to provide further detail?
    Community Football Management have already begun to meet with Clubs and Leagues through League delegate meetings and invite any opportunity from remaining League’s to meet and discuss the Player Registration Fee in further detail with their Club Delegates. A FAQ page on the Community Football website will be updated regularly also.

    Can our club request membership fees at registration as well?
    Yes. Club Membership fees can be made available online at registration and can be either voluntary or compulsory like the Registration Fee. For assistance in setting up online Club Membership fees please email footyweb@sanfl.com.au.

    Does our club need to collect membership fees online now?
    No, your club does not need to collect membership fees online, but the South Australian Player Registration fee will be compulsory and collected online at the time of registration.

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